Making a Level: One object or Many?

If I make the level into separate parts (or, “Chunks”), how should I go about doing that? I want to be able to have LOD on my stuff, but I also don’t want the scene spammed with a bunch of different objects that may slow performance, when I could just make it one overall object. (Idk if a lot of objects slows performance though)

What would you guys recommend? One Object for the overall level or a bunch of them making it up?

This is a black and white question in a world of different shades. Do whatever you think meats your requirements. You will see if the chosen solution is sufficient or not.

Btw. You answered your question by yourself.

Well I can do all what I’m talking about and learn from experience, but I was asking to see if other people’s experience showed one or the other was better for keeping the fps up.

I generally do:

  • 1 terrain object
  • Many other objects

You will create a unique game. Experience from other unique games, will not really cover your situation. The question remains if you discover speed problems or design issues first.

Naive implementation can quickly result in lags (e.g. by placing 10.000 objects into the scene) while one large mesh will cause design issues as LOD will not work or you can 't treat parts of the object differently (e.g. animate a tree or open a door).

These are different aspects with different requirements that all needs to be met. - that is what I mean with different shades. You need to find a balance that fits your situation. You already know the extremes.

You want to use LOD, this does not work well then the single object is always near the camera. That is what I mean with - you answered your own question.

sdfgeoff gives you a short and nice “shaded” answer ;). I guess this is what you are looking for.

My advice:
make the objects in a size that you can manage it.

I don’t understand the question well enough.
The level consists of many assets
Don’t model-create assets from many unnecessary polygons…and make each LOD
…Normal maps…it is actually also the optimization model-the model looks like the more polygons.
Look how much you FPS and add or take away the number of assets
Level cannot have a single object, level consists of many objects:)
…Look at GTA for example, landscape with the LOD divided into many segments, each landscape segment contains many objects-assets(poles,trees,garbage cans,houses,etc) with their own LOD.