Making a line graph from csv data

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Does anyone know a good way to import csv data to make a line graph? I found a tutorial by blender sushi that shows how to import csv data using animation nodes and how to make a line graph using sverchok but I can’t get sverchok to recognize my file. Does someone know how to do this in animation nodes? Is there another good method for this?

Thanks in advance!

I am not sure what would You need to write in .py to get csv data for blender to interact with it.
But You could use this tutorial. And imagine adding an empty in end of the health bar along with another sensor object that would collide with a grid mesh vs that sensor object for empty to drop or (add static object) as a graph mark and as the grid gets moved with servo control if the car hits the box as additional action lets say downwards depending of the current value of the health bar… and as the collision happens between the car and the box you could make something like a graph as you see if you hit ctrl+alt+del and press performance tab on your windows. It would be down to Your imagination how tight is the grid in order to visualize it for your specific needs and also the distance between camera and shapes of the static objects added by empty. If the grid is wide then the objects themselves could be longer bars and set with track to the object itself so they arrange in line but with origin points set on the ends of them and adjusted to a length of the grid unit itself. I haven’t made any graphs for myself yet, just an idea how it could be done.
I guess that far away somewhere could be an object that ends the created graph line by setting a plate with end object upon collision and maybe a camera before that which would screenshot and save the pic of graph line before graph line disappears.

To add, i’be been through some series of tutorials by Youtube user pananag
He was showing how to get blender to get data from CSV but i got stuck on part3… something didnt work for me all tough i triple checked coding and stuff still didn’t work and i couldnt find explanation whats wrong. In series of these tutorials he was making an inventory system based on information that is written in CSV files.
Maybe youre lucky to find a solution for your need in his tutorials.

Okay, well I was able to come up with this so far. I have a sphere that is at the proper vertical position in accordance with my csv but I still need to connect them. Any suggestions? I wonder if splines would be the way to go…


Go to my website and find my Github, referenced on the Animation Nodes page and get my midi-input node, all the code you need in a script node, or your own node is in there. You could also look at the midi-write node, that creates empties, there will be code in there to help you.

Sorry I can’t help more, I am in Vietnam on holiday with only my phone, so it will have to wait until I get home on 12 February if you have not solved it by then.

Cheers, Clock :beers:

Thanks, but what I am looking for is actually probably even more simple than that :slightly_smiling_face:
I just want a very simple line graph that is run by csv so that I can visually represent data. Something kind of like this:

I don’t know if you are still looking for an answer (I doubt).
But someone else may need this.

Ignore the time and math node, I wanted to animate my chart in this case.

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Hey Thanks!
I haven’t given this much thought for a while but I might look into it again now! That looks like a pretty simple solution!