making a logo from particles


i have some trouble with particles

here what i have done :

  • create a particles system for the logo i made in blender
    -my timeline contain 180 frames, so i set the start and end frame from the particles system 10 and 170 respectively

  • i increased the lifetime a lot

-make the particles as boids and make them go to an empty target
-i have increased the max air speed and these parameters to get more speed

  • start the render animation

the problem is that when i have my finished animation i still have some particles flying arround the created logo, as i said before i want to make a logo created by particles system so when the logo is created all particles disasppear

thanks and good day

The end frame of the particle system effects when the particles stop being created. If the lifetime is 200, then the particles will last to frame 170+200=370. For an explosion, you can have the start and end frame the same.

i will do my best with this explanation


well i still can’t sov*lve the problem after all my tries

here the blend file if some one can give me a hand
as i said before i want to make a logo from a particles system

thanks for any help