Making a logo

(nentemmc) #1

Hey, this isn’t about modeling, but i need a quick logo for my different projects. I would like a minimalistic image that scales well, but i don’t have any talent at all, if anyone wants to give it a try, for practice for themselves, or to be nice, send me a pm.

Sorry i love commas.

(verybinary) #2

If you want something that scales, you would prob be better off with vector art. What style, feeling, and details are you thinking?

(nentemmc) #3

i was playing around in photoshop, and look at behance for inspiration, but your right, vector would be better. but in all i would like a minimalistic style, with a N sort of like how the UE4 is simple, yet recognizable. thanks for the reply!

(verybinary) #4

I googled nentenmc but nothing came up. What is the brand about?

(nentemmc) #5

its not really a brand, just a personal logo for me and my friends/colleagues to use on our projects. for example, me and my good friend ‘real-named jimmy’ are working on procedural textures for the community, and need something to put on our substance sphere. also i would use this as my BA profile image, and as a watermark per-say in other projects.

but in all, we are just random guys doing dumb things in blender.

(RC12) #6

The SVG file: (29.3 KB)

(nentemmc) #7

i really like that! if you don’t mind, may i tweak it some in illustrator?