Making a lot of similar objects (mesh control/polycount)

I want to make a scene with a lot of similarly styled houses along a beach.

Up close there would be relatively high-poly houses in the foreground and maybe a hundred or more slowly fading out to the edges of the beach.

I figured I would model as many as I felt was enough (maybe 10 or so plus some unique buildings) and just duplicate them in a random fashion to achieve a fairly crowded beach/mountainside.

I still want the houses in the mid-ground to be somewhat detailed. The ones that are very far out can likely just be cubes.

I started modeling one that would be used for middle ground and I’m worried about there being to many polys once I start duplicating them.

Here’s an image of the house style and how the mesh flows (it doesn’t really “flow”.) It is currently comprised of a couple objects (I was concerned that there would be too many edge loops if it was all one mesh.)

So do you guys think I should try to keep everything together as one flowing mesh or just kind of slop it together and just worry about how it looks in the final image?


Being aware of poly counts is good. However, your midground house looks likes it has very little polygons. One good thing to note is that everything on the house closest to the camera should be mesh (vines, tress ect.) but the ones further away do alpha and textures. (Keep in mind that alpha textures don’t fair well with DOF (Depth of Field).