making a M.U.D. game?

not to sure where to post this. but is it possible to make a mud game in blender? casue i think its mostly scripting. but how hard is it to make one?

MUD game??

Well, I guess a MUD stands for multi user dungeon. I think they’re mostly text type games, but I’ve never played one. Blender doesn’t have a server type system, and is more graphical in nature, so maybe you should look around a little more. You might be able to use it for a client system if you wanted graphics or you could possibly use the text part of Blender but it wouldn’t make much sense.

oic. how would u make one any ways? lol kinda off topic though.

how would u make one any ways?

I think it’s a cross between a chat program and a text adventure. So you basically get the text from the person and then parse it into nouns, verbs, and objects and return some response. You could probably do a google search for mud server or something.

i just might do that

If you could find a Python based MUD server, you might be able to interface it with Blender. Just a thought (though I know you said don’t code).