Making a mesh library

Hello. Just trying to figure out how to create a mesh library for like objects to be placed in a scene. I’m not sure how to set one up and the stuff I was looking at on the forum is outdated and the internet wasn’t helpful (I don’t know much about scripting in Python).

I’m used to how Adobe Illustrator works with symbol librarys where what I make I can save it to a symbol library to use again if I need to.

Can Blender be set up like that somehow because I prefer making objects that I can import but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Any tutorials, sites or advice is most welcomed and very much appreciated.


Hi Anita,

You can make your individual objects in seperate files and then import them with File>“Append” (Shift+F1), this brings up the file menu where you search for another blend file, and as you go into it you will find different parts of the blend file listed, look in “Objects” for the models you have created. Make sure to name your models though in the first place otherwise they are hard to find.

The other method is similar, you make you models as before and put them in groups this time. When these are imported into your scene you can modify them in the original file and the update will carry across to the main scene with the imported groups.

If course I may be going out here on a limb, I think this is what you are looking - not sure :wink:

Hi Jay. So the first method when I would append the scene to include an already made object when I make changes to it in the new scene will the original file be affected too or no? That’s the one thing I’m worried about that it’ll change the original. I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm to do some tests. I know I had a problem with 2.62 that I couldn’t get it to work. I also have a bad habit about not naming my objects as well as not making much sense when I ask questions :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Had a chance to check it out and the link append worked. My original mesh remains unchanged in the original file while the link append in the new file I could change materials and everything is okay :slight_smile:

So this thread is solved and thanks for the help Jay I really appreciated it. Now I can get on with building my mesh library.

Glad it helped, and good look with the library :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile: