making a mesh take on the attributes of another mesh

Hey guys… I’m trying to make a model of a human look like the model of a different human.
so say I have model a with a human male. and model b with a human female
how would I make the human male take on the image of the human female.
I want to do this piece by piece so say I highlight the head and then try to transform it into the head of the female.
How would I go about doing this?

Really need help with this.

would be easy if the topology of the 2 models are exactly the same. Then it’s just a matter of transferring shape keys from 1 mesh to another.

With different topology it’s gonna be a bit harder. A way would be by using shrinkwrap modifiers & creating shape keys from that.

I assume you want it to be a morph, instead of instant changes

yes I wanted to select one part at a time and make it look like the other mesh… so say I select the index finger and morph it into the index of the male, that would be ideal.
I know there is a shortcut for doing this … I just forgot what it was I thought it was ctrl j but I think that just joins meshes…
I did this once before but I don’t remember how. can you tell me what the hotkey is to do it or how to do it manually?

there is no shortcut for morphing a mesh. If with morphing you mean changing the shape of a mesh over time.

all Im trying to do is change the shape of one mesh to a shape next to it on the same scene so say I have a square and a circle I want to change the square to take on the attributes of the circle.
I know this is possible because I did it before.

You’re still not clear whether it should happen over time (morphing), or can happen instantly (not morphing).

For the last one you could just Make Links. Select both, Ctrl+L and choose Object Data

I’m sorry I know that I’m not really making sense but I don’t really understand the difference between the over time option and instantly… can you explain it to me? again sorry.

over time means: a character changes from one to another over a matter of frames say. so you see the transformation as it progresses.

instantly can be easily acheived over 2 frames…

i hope that explanation is what your wanting.

ooh sorry I should have mentioned this file is not animated it is just a model… I am just trying to get it to shape into the other mesh
I am going to reanimate it but I need to have one mesh take on the shape of the other… so I am just looking to make it do it instantly I am thinking

then try this:

… you could just Make Links. Select both, Ctrl+L and choose Object Data

Ok… I did that and now I am trying to do an animated model with the same kind of process but I was wondering if
there is a way to make a group of verts take on the structure of a different group of verts?
Sorry just trying to see all my options

Nevermind I will do bone weight copy… but just a question when I do bone weight copy
I am separating a model in pieces and doing bone weight copy on separate parts of the model.
The problem I am getting is the fact that it is not keeping the new mesh together it is separating the pieces I am doing the bone weight copy on
here is a picture of an example of what my problem is.

The model of the stomach highlighted on the left is breaking away from the model wear as the one on the right is pulling the vertices of the respected arias on the model with it.
How do I make it so my model will not separate from itself when I do this

steps I am doing so far

Selecting a group of verts relative to the a group of verts on the model on the right.
(Such as the stomach or one of the wrists)

after separating the verts so that they are now there own mesh
I select the mesh that I just seperated and make it parent to the armature.
Then I select the mesh I just made parent and select the other mesh I want to use the rigging from… I go scripts/bone weight copy and this is were I have trouble…
the bones move the mesh just like they should but the problem is when they move the mesh it does not stay with the original body it just makes a cutout and drags away my problem is I need to be able to bone weight copy the model and when I am doing that. I need to be able to specify what parts of the body to copy but when I do that it just cuts out the mesh and doesn’t leave it attached to the body

my question is… is it possible to make it so the mesh will still be one mesh after assigning the bone weight copy. I have tried rejoining the object data but still no luck :frowning:

If you want to move a collection of vertices in a mesh, then usually you make a shape key for that instead of trying to move them with a bone. Some things are hard to animate with bones. Things like facial expressions and muscle movement don’t really correspond with a simple bone rotation or placement. Instead you you modify your mesh and save this as a “shape”. So for a face you would have a neutral expression as one shape, the mouth open as another, smiling, frowning, etc.

It sounds like you need to do something similar with your belly. It sounds like you need the belly to be part of the body mesh but you need to change its shape during an animation. This is what the shape keys are for. Trying to get separate meshes to stay synchronized to a single armature can be a tedious and frustrating process. I learned that the hard way.

So can I use the shape keys to make it stay together while moving the bones…
I’m sorry I’m kinda new to blender and don’t know a lot of things about it.
I just need to make the mesh move together when the bones are moved
I don’t really have a way around that as the bones already have all the animations setup that I want