Making a mesh with different colored edges.

I’m basically trying to make a simple space ship that I intend to look kind of like its made up of dark green glass panels and with light green edges, it would kind of look like something out of Tron I guess. Right now I’m trying to apply a dark green .5 alpha material to it and a light green wire material, but when I apply the second material the render just renders an empty frame, no ship to be seen.

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I came up with this just using the edge settings in render layers; could refine it with a bit of glow maybe? EDIT; just added image with some organic glow too.

Possibly not as flexible as a material but an hour of messing with mat nodes and i’m stumped as to how to do it otherwise.

In the Render Panels [F10] - make sure Edge is selected then play around with the edge settings; for these the intensity was around 130-180.


Your help is appreciated but there are two things.

  1. You might need to talk to me like a child, be a little more specific that is. I think I followed your instructions but it seems like the edge color is only about the edge of the object in the render. For example a pyramid viewed from the top would show green lines around the base but not on any of the edges connected to the top of the pyramid.

  2. I guess I’ll have to ask this in a Ogre forum but I’ll raise the question here if anyone knows. The ultimate goal is to export an Ogre mesh, would these render settings do anything in Ogre?

one way would be to copy and scale a little you object then erase all faces
and keep only edges then apply the toon
this will make all edges bright !


OK, if you’re wanting to export your mesh then edge settings isn’t going to work coz that’s a blender internal render setting; possibly (though am not sure) Toon material may not be supported by ogre either.

Knowing nothing about Ogre it’s probably a question for the Ogre forum to make the material natively in Ogre rather than in Blender. The only way i can think of to do it in Blender would be to UV-unwrap a typical panel [assuming all your panels were the same shape?], paint the edges of the mesh and use that material as a UV texture?

Thta’s a whole other topic and maybe worth coming back to if no joy with the Ogre forums maybe?