Making a mobile blender clone?

Hello, often when i view programming tutorials i see many “clone courses” for popular apps such as Disney+, but i don’t see tutorials like this for art/animation software and such.
More specifically, i wanted to try and learn how to make a blender clone for the iOS/Android starting with just the basics: a viewport, creating primitives, a transform tool, and a keyframe timeline. How would I go about doing this as a beginner to programming?

All of Blender’s code is open-source, so you can study it and learn how it works :slight_smile: In theory, you could possibly translate the C source code to a mobile-friendly language like Objective-C, but that’s just conjecture. if you want to make a Blender clone, I would use the Blender source code as your base

Would Blender as a python module only without interface be an easier first step goal ? ( on android using Termux for instance)

Since Blender isn’t written in Python, you’d have to translate all the C code to Python… so no, not really

using blender on a mobile device is a special kind of perversion.
not to mention the fact that the right click will not work properly, there will also be no keyboard at hand.
all the pain of this can be known if you put a virtual machine with Linux on an android or apple. “qemu” for example
good luck in your BDSM endeavors =)

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Though I have not used a Windows tablet yet, but I am very positive about it.

Compared for example to an Android or iPad, that is the nature of these environments that is tremendously limiting and very closed.

Though I respect Androids and iPads for their intended purpose, nothing beats to have exactly the same toolset as you do in both a tablet and the PC.

Compared to say for example a laptop, I find it kinda boring and pointless because more or less is exactly the same as the desktop but portable. I used a laptop for 6 years in my previous job and I ended up hooking keyboard+mouse in the first days, and within a few months I would hook a 22 monitor as well. The laptop lost it’s entire meaning, except for using it while on an airplane or when drinking coffee on Starbucks as silicon valley millionaires dictate.

However with a Windows tablet I can find it 10 times much more interesting purchase. As for example having the ability to sketch in SAI or Photoshop some ideas and then bringing them to PC for polishing. Or do anything else, or use it as a laptop, etc…

Such as for example:

There is an program for android


“Sphere” Primitive only $4,99!