Making a model of the sun

Hi, i want to make a model of the sun and so far i havent had much luck. I’ve made one using halos but the halo disappears once the centre of it goes off camera. Are there any other techniques,

Thanks in advance.

well… why do you need a sun then, if its not even in your view ;)?

D_Money Probably means that the sun disappears before it goes completely out of view. It vanishes when its halfway off the screen. I had the same problem. I ended up making a mesh and putting the halo on top of it. You can see the sun no matter what, and most of the time you still get that effect of the uneven glow or fading glow(can’t really describe it but im sure you know what I mean.)

K, thanks, i’ve made a pretty good model of the sun now thanks :smiley: . If anyone can help me with animating the fire around the sun now that would be great :smiley: