Making a movie from a game?

yes, i am well aware of things like FRAPS and GameCam, but how would one go into a sort of spectator mode, so you can fly around and not have a gun and other things? would you have to edit the game code or something?

Well, this depends on what game you’re talking about in specific. Some games do have a “spectator mode” that you can enable from the command line. The most common shortcut to bring up the command line in a game is ~ also known as the “tilde” key.

In terms of the BGE, you would need to write a camera control script and attach it to a camera which is set when the user presses a key.

yea, i’ve known about the command line thing - used it plenty of times in Oblivion. I was just wondering if there’s a universal program or maybe a site full of “machinimas” that could be downloaded for any game. but i guess that would be too generic, so i guess i’m just gonna have to research into a certain game engine i would like to record and find out how to do it specific to that game.