Making a normal map from Sculpt Mode ?


I’ll try make a normal map from a “sculpt” model.
But, how i export the “uvmap” of the combination of material (3 Blendes materials) , in my case i follow the tutorial in to make the normal map effect in model (and i can view the model with the normal map lighting, but how i export in uv image window with the lights/colors) ?

Thats is a part of my model (i sculpt only the head in this moment to understand the process and see results in low poly model).

The low poly head:

Im not sure if I understand, but in the uv image editor, select the image button and then save as to save the normal map image.

um, no. you should render bake the normals. see the wiki Render section Render Bake. And I am no expert, but I think that low poly head has too many polys -about 2x.

First, thanks for replys.
I follow the tip of PapaSmurf, and read the tuto of Blender wiki about the Bake method (in, but dont work.

In this image i follow all steps and results, please tell where i wrong…

please read note on Ambient FIRST on the Render Bake page. You have to bake ambient first, i think, or one of them, or you get the “No Image to Bake To” error

I think you may be looking to create a tangent normal map which Blender can’t do, yet. It can however work with tangent normal maps via the NMap TS button on the shaders tab. If you’re on a windows machine you might want to try xNormal:

I did try use the XNormal, but my model cause a GPF when i load the XNormal so i try make a normal map directly from Blender.

Here´s ORB, another program. Although it is an old one I find it to be the most precise.

The only drawback is that it works through console commands.

No, you can use blender to make your normal map. And PapaSmurf is right. If you use windows xp, you must first bake as ambient occlusion, then you can bake as full or texture or normals.

If you want to upload the packed blend to I will look at it for you?

But you should be able to do it as said above.

No, as RamboBaby already pointed out, Blender cannot yet generate a tangent-space normal map (which I think the poster is looking for) in any way shape or form. It can generate camera-space or world/object-space maps, but these are only useful for faking relief on flat objects or if the object doesn’t deform.

The render baking option for normals creates a camera-based map, where the colors corresponding to normal directions are generated relative to the position of the rendering camera. Not very useful for animation or games models.

Tangent-space normal maps are calculated based on local geometry (sort of) rather than the position of the whole object or the camera, so can be used on objects that deform. Again, you make these by exporting your model to Xnormal, ORB, or Nvidia’s Melody. Blender can interpret these maps just fine with the NMapTS option, but cannot make them.

BluePapa: Btw for some mysterious reason, I can now render-bake anything in 2.44 / XP without having to do the AO bake first. Works every time now. Go figure.

Baking started working properly on my machine too.

Ah,yes, view dependent. Thank you for explaining about the other. Can the game engine also interpret it? Guessing not.

When i use the Denorgem the console window show a error: