Making a path/curve glow?

Hello, I’m trying to make light streaks. Right now I have a path that has a bevel obj of a circle. How do I go about making this glow? Halo doesn’t seem to work at all.

You can try the compositor, using a Blur Node and a Glare Node to get the glow, and you can use an RGB Node to colorize the output. Similar to recent tutorials here and on Blender Cookie for light saber glow effects.

Thanks, um one problem, I can’t add any nodes. For some reason there are no nodes listed under add.

EDIT: Ok found nodes, however not the ones you suggested.

Click ‘use nodes’ there at the bottom of your node editor, and then you will see your scene render layer input node running to the composite node. with the render layer selected, you can use shift-A to add nodes, and tie them to the nodes. To preview, add a viewer output node to the end of your chain. Don’t forget to add the composite node back into the end as well, otherwise youwill render the same as before.

Ok, got all that. But where are the two nodes you suggested located?

Ok I did all that, unfortunately nothing worked. For some reason it is still black, which is therefore invisible. I also cant’ seem to find the right color node.

Would a screenshot of my nodes help?

With the render layer node selected, press shift-A to get add node, then choose ‘filter’ and then choose ‘blur’, then do the same to add a ‘glare’ node, then you can press shift-A to add an RGB node from the Color node subgroup. pm me your email and I will send you a file.