making a path for fluids

i was wondering if it is possible to to set a path for water and let the water act on its own like in the introduction for ABC you see water flying around the logo, i would like to know if this is possible if so how, any good tutorials around?

maybe a control object deformed along a curve? i have no idea if that will work, but its my first thought. might test it when i get a chance…( i probably won’t get the time though)

also, i don’t know the ABC logo your referring to. maybe post a link to it?

thanks for the reply and heres a video of the ABC thing i was talking about

hmmm… it doesn’t really flow in that video. all seems to happen very quick. maybe you would need to model a ‘water like’ surface to start from. doesn’t look much like there is any gravity in the video either, so you could turn that off in the domain settings(or just reduce it.) and then use outflows to make the water disappear.