Making a pencil-drawn effect with nodes

I want to get an effect like this
(the pencil one), maybe even with hard steps where the image gets darker.
I once saw some images that had that, so I know it is possible, but how do I do that?

Help please?

Anyone there?

I’m here. Instead of just bumping the thread you could try to descibe what you want. For instance, with what you have posted so far, one might say…Go to the art store…get a colored pencil…and smudge it on paper?

Is there a particular reason you want to use nodes for this? A procedural texture won’t work?

Also it would be nice if you would post a render, showing what you are wanting to use the pencil effect on. If it is your whole scene, you may find easier ways to achieve this effect in post with gimp.

Well sorry :slight_smile:
I would like this
To look painted, like this
It can’t be done with textures I think.

A couple of things that may be helpful.
Sketch rendering tutorial
Reading this thread (lots of posts) may be of interest.


on your model you’ve got sharp egdes? or auto smoothed? I’m courious, becouse edges dosen’t look so sharp. So maybe this is only your lightning?

It is auto-smoothed.

It looks like this when it’s not auto-smoothed

This is the result I got. I’m happy with it.

And with a cloth
Thank you Richard for the links to the tutorial.

Is there a way to use freestile before the real 2.50 is out?

weird, artifacts should only be on 90 degree angles without autosmooth. I don’t like sharp egdes on buildings so I bevel them two times, but in your project it look alright. Are you using AO on renders?

Yes, it’s approximate.
I also have a system of emit lights and point lights I use by default in any work.
(if you want i can give you the blend)

Glads of you! I got it to work! I appreciate your detailed instruction on how to handle scripts with GIMP. That is one thing I really like about open source GNU programs, there is a community behind it there for you.