Making a pig, but it's head's all weird.

Hey folks. I got on rendering a pig model for a bit of fun and practice. It turned out quite funny, but his head his showing a lot of black thingies. I can’t really describe 'em better, so just look at the picture. Does anyone know what it is and how I fix it? Normals aren’t inverted as far as I can tell.


In my experience, that means u either have the normals inverted or there are other vertices/faces just below the surface where the black spots are. To be sure, I’d probably go into edit mode, select all, and hit ctrl-N anyways. If that doesn’t help, then you could also look at the materials… in edit mode, select all, and apply the pink material to all faces again. Not sure what else it could be =/

Press w set smooth, THEN hit control n. :3

Looks like you have two identical pieces of geometry on top of each other. Select the head and move it. If there’s another head underneath, delete one of them. Otherwise, try going into edit mode and hitting w->remove doubles.