Making a planet map?

Are there any resources out there that deal with making a planet map? By planet map, I mean something similar to NASA’s shots of the earth when people make an earth. I have been looking around, but I can’t find any.

Any suggestions?

Are you talking about a program that will parametrically generate a texture for a planet? Or a place were you can download a texture for an existing planet?

If its the latter you might have a look at this site.

Generating the texture of a planet would be nice. Anything involving GIMP or Photoshop would be appreciated.

Isn’t there a Planet Generator Addon or something?
SunWalker, the Celestia thing is pretty spectacular for stealing all kinds of stuff…

I wonder if there’s a way to draw in continents and stuff in GIMP or Photoshop.

There is/was a procedural texture called ‘Planet’ - I last saw it in a build around 2.57. Info here

AFAIK the code needs to be brought up to date.

I know of no tutorials, BUT I do know you can start with a procedural planet texture (various versions all over) and/or various fractal textures, THEN clone various sections into that FROM NASA/ESA/etc… images … time consuming yes, but it IS kinda fun :smiley: :smiley: