Making a playable demo - does export > save as game engine runtime do this?

Does export > save as game engine runtime make a bge game playable on all PC, even the ones without blender?

must I upload the whole folder containing it , or just the game

Thank you for your time reading this

Yes, but you have to take all the dll’s as well, so zip the whole folder

ok thanks… so I don’t have to change anything right?

Well, if you’ve got external files, such as textures and sounds, they’ll need to be included as well. If they aren’t in a relativevsubdirectory, it’s easiest to pack them with the file->external data->pack into file

ok… within the folder that i save the game engine runtime right?

This might be a bit hard to find as suggested before you save the game engine as a runtime go to file>external data>pack into file. This saves the images etc. inside the .blend. Then when you export it everything will be together as one.

so… if u are using multiple game files… then that means that i have to unpack all of them right?