Making a reflection (NEW QUESTION)

not a image in a mirror, but taking all the verticies of one thing, and making a reflection over some axis…

does anyone know how?


Do you mean make a copy of your verts and then mirror them? If so, do this:

  1. In edit mode, press A to select all you verts
  2. Go to front view, (or what ever view you want to flip in)
  3. Press SHIFT+D and then either X, Y, or Z to flip the verts in the axis you want them to be mirrored.


If you don’t want to do a reflection across x, y or z:

A reflection across an arbitrary axis is a bit more involved. It involves transforming the coordinates of each vertex using a 4x4 transformation matrix. If you need this procedure, I can get it for you (no Python script for it yet).

Hope this helps,

Edit mode

S KEY (As in scale)

X KEY reflects w/r to a vertical axis

Y KEY reflects w/r to a horizontal axis

reflections pivots on mesh center or cursor, as for normal Scale and rotate


In edit-mode: Shift-D to duplicate, SKEY XKEY to mirror on x-axis (YKEY for y-axis). Maybe you need to change the point to mirror (“Rotate/Scale around individual centers”-Icon) in the toolbar. You can also create a linked duplicate out of edit-mode w/ Alt-D. That way can do changes on one half of the mesh which will automaticaly be done on the linked duplicate.

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i am trying to make a snowblower auger and for the animation i want it to rotate like a real one would… why doesn’t the rotation ipo’s work?
i playe daround with them and to no avail they didn’t work…

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