Making a render sequence script stoppable

Hi! I made this script to render a group of objects in sequence and automatically(I have undreds of them), and to make the output file name with the object name. The script looks for all the object in the to_render group, unhide each one and renders it, and the hide it back. Then proceed with the next object. It work well, but when I run the script I can’t stop it until all the objects are rendered. This is not really good for me, so I’m asking for a way to make it stoppable, for example, pressing Esc.

This is the code. Can somebody suggest me a line to add to make it stoppable? Thanks!

import bpy

output_folder =['Scene'].render.filepath  #tiene in memoria il percorso neutro

for obj in["to_render"].objects:
    obj.hide = False
    obj.hide_render = False
    output =['Scene'].render.filepath +['Scene'].render.filepath = output
    bpy.ops.render.render(animation = False, write_still = True, use_viewport = False, layer = "RenderLayer", scene="Scene")["to_render"].objects.unlink(obj)["rendered"]
    obj.hide = True
    obj.hide_render = True['Scene'].render.filepath = output_folder  #ripristina il percorso neutro

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Hi! Thankyou for the links. I read them deeply. But I can’t figure out how to implement those things in my script.

My actual condition is that, when I run the script, Blender freeze, so I can’t do anything, and most important problem is that I can’t stop the renders that are processing. I want to obtain that pressing Esc, it stops, or at that moment, or at the end of the current render.

Let’s suppose I put my code in a function that is called for every object to render, how could I stop this function to be called again?