making a render window

ok…you know how when you split ares inside your interface or something?..well yea what i want to do is be able to instead of having a render window pop up in a new window i was hoping its possible to have a section that u have inside your interface to have that???:eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift2:
i hope my question makes sense:p

Hit F10, and at the bottom of the Output panel is an option for Render Window, Full Screen or Image Editor. Choose Image Editor and configure whichever part of your screen you want to show the UV/Image Editor window. Choose Render Result in the UV/Image Editor and the render will show there.

how do u select which window u want it in??? (is it the little thing with all the little boxes next to were u select the UV/image editor thing???)

Pretty Much. where it says IM:( there is a drop down box… select render result from that and that window will show you what comes out of the renderer.

Yeah. I guess I missed a step, sorry. The first renders to the 3D view, then choose Render Result from the drop down. (Yellow Box)


thanks allot
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