Making a ripple (Completed)


Been pondering whether to put together some work for this. I have not done any work for Sketchfab so not sure how much adapting of workflow will be required to get a good render there.
For now this will be a scene with no animation.

Going to work with Oksana Dobrovolska s splash art.

I have some reference

and I have a blockout.

blue box is placeholder for original scene
I will use the original scene elements but will simplify them where possible.

So next steps are
modelling each prop
then baking the textures and lighting
then importing into sketchfab.

Going to try and complete this as soon as possible.


Got busy on some modelling today.

I am going to make all the basics and set up the scene. Identify any elements that may be problematic in Sketchfab and sort them out there. Then move back to Blender to complete the scene. Plan to start that phase tomorrow.

Hey! As we’re entering the final days of the challenge, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to make sure you can successfully complete your entry. Please see my new post on the FAQ topic.

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Good luck!

I stopped working on this to complete client work but had today to get as much done as I could.
I assembled the props I had and worked out lighting. I had to stop earlier than planned as I have no experience uploading to Sketchfab and knew I would need time. I spent a few hours decimating meshes and baking textures.
I needed to stay under the 100 mb file size and had to capture the modeled external scene as an image and the projected that through the window.

That move halved the file size.
I then spent some time in Sketchfab first setting up lights and then working through textures and mostly addressing the materials with transparency.
This was the scene in Blender

This was the scene in Sketchfab

As I had a budget of 100 mb I really pared back on scene props and maybe overdid it on the decimating of meshes.
Overall a good way to get an introduction to Sketchfab and the features and possibilities rendering models in their engine.
The final scene is here

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