Making a Rope for this Bridge to my Sky Island?

I’m in the process of modeling a bridge and I could need a rope for it. It’s for a recreation scene I am making here.

If anyone has a few tips on doing bridge ropes, it would mean a lot on how to connect the bridge together.

Thanks in advance.

I think your question is a little bit too broad, what precise thing do you need to know: how to model a rope (you have tutos like this one)? how to give it physics? etc…

Ah, it’s basically on how to make the rope. I’ll check out the tutorial for it in a bit.

I am just going to follow Andrew Price’s tutorial tomorrow on making the ropes to my bridge.

He has a bit simpler, more easier tutorials for a beginner like me to follow along in the creation of a rope.

Thanks, though, if I ever need to question further about my ropes for the bridge. I’ll just be more clarifiying on what I need next time.

sure, no problem :wink:

Some extra food for thought…

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Um…what was that? Not what I was looking for exactly.

Here is another way that is a bit simpler to do…just add a rope texture and good to go…