Making a Scale with scrollable mouse pointer navigator..(For all the earth savers).=]

can anyone tell me how to make a navigation scale using mouse?..for example, there will be a scale in interactive application like “2001—2002----2003----2004----2005” written on the scale. And there will be a pointer pointing to this years on the scale. Now when a user move the pointer on the scale like from 2001 to 2002, the scene in the background will change…

Actually I am making a environmental study application using blender for others to study about the current situation of our Earth using data from NASA source. I have a rotatable earth globe in the scene and the year scale in front of it. Users will be able to choose different menu like “current CO2 emission rate”, “ice melting rate”, “increasing temperature rate” and “Sea level increase”…as the users Scroll the pointer on the scale, the earth on the scene will show the current information and he will be able to get the information about how the earth is getting effected is such things happens in the future…

I want to make this a very valuable contribution to the environment…any help with the py script or any suggestion will be highly appreciated…will credit you by giving your name in this application for helping me out on this…

i’ll post the screen shot of the scene that i want to make here…thank you…:wink:

Try setting up some shape-keys for the red-line at different points in time and then linking the slider object to that shape key.

Note: you have to have one of the more recent builds of blender that actually include the shape-key actuator. (Grabbing the latest one off of should be fine)

Rigged up a quick example that should show you the basic idea.


shapeChange.blend (153 KB)

Did you make that screenshot? Anyways I would do something like this. Have a mouse over and mouse downb sensor connected to a python script then get the mouse position, when both are triggered then move the sensor relative to the old position.

EDIT: Crap, you beat me. AnywaysI wrote a tutorial for you over here.