Making A Server For game engine

I want to try and setup a multiplayer server for a blender game

what i would like is to have it so 2 players from 2 different networks can join in the same game

i have no idea how to set something like this up but am willing to try and learn

so what i would like is to have some sort of client that a player can type a name in and then click start or something and after they click start it will put them into a world.

i am fine with using basic shapes as a charector for now just want to know how to make a blender game multiplayer.

Short answer: With lots of programming

Wow, luckily I decided not to take shot at explaining this :smiley:

And think that one time I had to do all that without knowing anything…
And that I ended with a “it works on my computer” network system in spaghetti code XD

I am guessing you will need a VPN for the actual server?

Nope, just port forwarding so external computers can ‘request’ connections.

Yeah, I’m not sure I am willing to open up my own computer as a server.

Nicely said agoose :slight_smile:

You can use a free hosting with some php to make connections and P2P to transfer data.

And OP never checked back…

It’s not that bad opening your computer to a server.
Although I personally don’t have experience with internet servers, I can say if you mean to do multiplayer with computers of the same internet connection, that might be where you want to start. Check youtube, as there are plenty of video tutorials that work

Or you can go with what agoose said :stuck_out_tongue:

Thses links are the best on youtube (as far as I can tell) so if you want to check them out

I modified Goran’s system and it works for me. All the others I could not get to work.