Making a small team for 3d animation

I was wondering if there was anyone around here interested in forming a small 3d animation team(with the objective of expanding) to make some good quality animation. I already have a project in mind and will need 2d and 3d artists.
Anyone interested please reply:D

Welcome to the forum. Do you have some samples of your work?

Welcome from me too. I can’t help, but look forward to the complete work.

this all I have. I usually don’t keep the files for long because all I’ve been doing is trainning.

No serious artist discards any of his work. Ever.

I actually think it’s quite the opposite. Creating work that you can easily part with is really liberating and that mentality does a lot to help you improve. Not every drawing or 3D model has to be perfect. And not everything you create is worth keeping.

But I do feel that most serious artists try to get to the point where they always have a portfolio of work that represents their ability, with plenty of stuff to show…


Keep training, doing more work, and hanging out here. Gradually over time show more and more of your work. Check out the work of other people too and learn. Over time make some acquaintances. If you still want to make a team in the future you’ll have some people to call on. And they will be familiar with what you do as well.

Good luck.

Firstoff, discard was the wrong word - at least thats what my dictionary tells me.
I meant delete/destroy/erase. =)

Discarding on the other hand is good :smiley:

Mandalas are part of a religion and a ritual, you can´t compare them really.
If a CG artist thinks destroying his old files cleanses his soul, be my guest, but in my world he earns a smirk.

And when you destroy your old work, you got no reference if you developed and in what direction, you also might destroy a good idea you haven´t had the skill for when you had the idea, which could be lost without the “reminder”
There´s nothing better than looking at your old crap and think to yourself “WTF!?”

Many people are too afraid to keep the 100 ruins they did before the 1 good piece so they rather destroy them - someone might see them.

And my experience showed that employers also want everything. Whatever you do gets filed systematical, even if you only do a mockup on a napkin.
Often enough I also heared the words from a client after a meeting “Don´t you dare to throw any of this scribbles away, I want them all”

I think you’re right, I’ll have to show something first so, I think this thread is useless now:o.

OT, but over the past weekend I painted over 7 oil paintings, it was quite liberating.

To the OP, to get more helpful replies you should have some serious work and/or detailed preproduction done, that would help out the cause a lot.