Making a squares from a hexagon without getting triangles

ok this is pissing me the Fehh… off now…

i have a hexagon, but i want to fill it with squares, without getting triangles… how do i do this? tried everything :confused:

Well… you have a pentagon. You’re going to have to add a cut somewhere, you can’t get an even number of sides out of an odd number of sides.

Not to be nit-picky, but that’s a Pentagon, not a hexagon :slight_smile:

Interesting dilemma though, I’m having a go at it now…

[EDIT] Actually easy, just need to make an additional cut.

Ye. With 5 vertices it’s impossible to have it in quads without adding or removing an edge loop.

Top: starting point
From bottom left:

  • Filling with a face and adding an edge loop
  • This gives fourth vertex to fill with a quad
  • But I don’t know what this is part of so migth be better order to have the face loops from left to go straight through. Merged selected vertices from the middle (alt+M) to get that.

ye ofc :slight_smile: simple miss spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, thank you both, it soulved the problem.

however i have another question, how did you add the colors JA12? can i do that in cycles?

By assigning multiple materials like Modron hinted there. Should work with Cycles too, although you might need to use the viewport color option with it.