Making a"Standing" Animation for games.

I’m trying to animate my character for a game, but I’m having problems coming up with a “standing” animation. Some of it is because I’m a little ham-handed when it comes to the action editor.

I want my character to “move” in place when she stands still. Looking at other games, they tend to make their characters “breathe” by dropping the shoulders and slightly relaxing the spine and such. Mostly they are nudging the armature to have the model move so it doesn’t look like a statue when it’s standing still.

The problem is this…

I just made my walk cycle which is 20 frames. In the action editor, I just made a new action called “stand” and in the first frame I drop her arms to the side (out of the “T” position) I then made a copy at the 21st frame

In the 10th frame, I slightly dip the shoulders and relax the back. (exhale)

The problem is, when I play the animation, she doesn’t move. I have the dots in the action editor where I moved the bones, but my character just stands there. I notice that the motions seem to only work when there is two dots on a “bone line” in the action editor. The problem is my first frame only has two dots. (When I put the arms to the side for the first and last frame) Is there a way to “dot” all my bone locations for the first and last frame in the action editor so I can move everything in the middle?

I hope that makes sense.

That’s very odd, it worked fine for me and my ludwig blend, if you tell me how to post it here I would do that for you. , That’s mine, worked fine. I dunno, maybe you should just start all over?

The animation works, I’m just looking to make a “snapshot” of all my bone rotations at the first and last frame, and then work from there.

in the action editor select the bones you wanna duplicate and click shift-D then move em where you want em