Making a striped image?

I need to make an image that is 576 pixels high and 768 pixels wide (yes PAL tv size) that has a perfectly repeating series of black and white lines 1 pixel high each. Be cool to generate in Blender but I can’t have distortion or misregistration at all.

any ideas, perhaps as a world texture? Must have exact high contrast lines though.

Well I created a world texture with wood noise, with x coord scaled to 0.0. This makes the stripe horizontal. But I can’t figure out how to make the bands equal strip for pixel. They always make weird harmonics of grouped lines.

Oh yeah, but seems overkill to just replicate some alternating lines, like a texture fill in photoshop.

Ah well I gave up and tried Gimp, here’s the easy solution:

At the menu bar, click FILE->New and choose a template that you like. You can use the current white canvas or you can change the background color by clicking the Background Color button at the Toolbox window. After choosing the color, click EDIT->Fill with BG color to replace the default background.

For the stripes, click FILTERS->Render->Pattern->Grid. At the dialog box, set the Width value to adjust the thickness and set the Spacing value to the distance the stripes from each other. To get rid of the vertical lines, unlock the Colors button and set the second color’s A-channel to zero. You now have a regular stripe pattern with even spacing.

From this tut:

3point you are a young dummy. Of course the best solution is to turn on Interlace rendering in Blender and create a frame that has a white plane and a black background interlaced together.

  1. Create a PAL sized scene with interlace on.
  2. Create Ortho camera in a Black scene.
  3. Create a plane in front of the camera, with shadeless white material.
  4. Over 1 frame, animate the plane to move from the camera view to outside camera view.
  5. Render the frame, it will be perfectly interlaced.


Blend file attatched:
PAL_interlaced_frame.blend (460 KB)