Making a sunset

I want to model a sunset scene but i dont know how to make it good enough. My first idea was to make a sphere for the sun with high emit ,add the color of the sun ( something orange yelow ) and add a sun lamp in its center, and than add a high glow in the sequencer plugin. Than i just add a little hill with static particles for the grass in front of it and i tought that with this metod i would get somthing…decent, but i didnt the result was …ugly. Can someone make a quick tut on how they do the sunset or a link to tutorials,that would be great

I did some testing on making a sun, and i think i got an ok product. The scene an’t great, it will need lots more work, but i got the sun looking right.

it uses lots of halos. the sun consists of two main halo types: small halos that make up the central part of the sun (they have full hard and add) and a circle of halos with sixe set to six times as large as the halos in the center, and they have full hard, half add.

I also used a spotlight originating from the sun pointed at the camera. the sky is coloured via large halos in chains.

good luck


sfmanga, I have done a sunset scene and am working on another.

So far I’m liking the second one better, so I’ll tell you how I did it.
Oops, I posted it by accident, wait a sec.
I figure there are two ways to make a sun.

  1. use a very bright spotlight with halo enabled, and point it directly at the camera. You can change the size of the “sun” by changing the size of the spotlight. This is what I did in the first image. For the sky I used a plane with an image of clouds.
  2. For the second image, the sky is made of a vertical plane with a cloud texture as an alpha map. The sun is in fact a lamp shining on part of the plane, giving the effect of the sun behind clouds.

As for general sunset lighting, you will want to have a few orange and/or white lights illuminating your scene from the direction of the sun, and a few dark blue and/or negative lamps shining on the “back” of your objects, the parts of them that are in shadow. This should give a better effect than solely light coming from the direction of the sun.

Are you planning on doing water in this scene? If you are I can give you tips on that too (since the first image, my water skills have improved :slight_smile: )
Hope this helps.

The storm - itryed your idea and this is what i gots so far.

Blenditall - i will try your technique and see the results, your sunset looks great

Sorry for the late replay,i was a bit busy lately

Blenditalls sunset looks a little more realistic, plus it’s easier to set up. You just set the spotlight with the halo effect and then tweak the settings until you have it right for that type of scene.

I always use a mesh with only 1 vertex. Enable a Halo material and adjust the color settings and high up the Add value. I have no picture to show, but I hope this will explain how I do it (it’s just another technique)

It doesn’t work well if the point is very far away (which sometimes it needs to be when you have a horizon going 1000 Blender units). Because halos can only be made so big and I believe they’re not the same size no matter what distance like the static hair particles.

I tried this in my swirling infinite image and I couldn’t get it very big since it was so far away.