making a symply game

Hi everyone! I’m David, I’m Spanish and a python developer, I’m starting with the GE.
I want to make something… easy?
If some one have play to homeworld, I want to reproduce the move system, basicly you make right click on a unit, in this case a cube, then you press ‘d’ and appear an horizontal circle with the cube/ship in the center, when you click in somewhere in the circle, and the ship goes there.
theres an extra, after you pres ‘d’ and the circle appears, you can press ‘Mayus’(I belibe it’s shift in english) and thenyou can change the altitude of the destination, up and down.

okey thats the proyect to start, the only thing I want, it’s some kind of orientation, maibe someone knows a tutorial, or a code that makes something like I’m planing to do.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Sorry for the misspelling, my english it’s not so good as I want :stuck_out_tongue:

Hola David, bienvenido, its a PathFinding system what you need, search the forum you will find it,
but its more easy to make the object move using AWSD keys than implement AI.

Thank you two, Ross that code looks like i’m planing… something similar. I will start modifing this and learning this way, I will post the results :slight_smile: