Making a tablecloth, sharp edges needed

So I’m doing a restaurant scene where there are a lot of tables with a tablecloth over it.

For that I used the cloth simulator, but I don’t manage to get sharp edges.

I tried several settings but I can’t get rid of the round edges around the desk edges.

I see that the problem most likely comes from the collision distance between the objects. but also If i turn that down and choose a silk setting, this round edges continue to appear.

Is there a way to achieve this other than model it afterwards?

Maybe with pinning.
Just select the inner vertices of that tablecloth (that would lie flat on the table) and add them to a new vertex group. That vertex group is then set up as a pinning map: Didn’t even need a table in this example…:wink:

okay thats it. It works in this case. thank you!