Making A Texture Fade Randomly

Is it possible to make textures not go far beyond a certain line/point, by using procedurals only? By this I mean, everytime I try to get a texture to stop around a certain point, then I wind up with a nasty line, where one texture stops and another starts. I really need it to fade randomly out around this line of vertices, and not just cold stop at this line (meaning going a little past or stopping a little before the line).

You could use a stencil texture with a smooth transition between areas.


I’m not that experienced with blender yet, or 3d programs in general, but here’s my suggestion.

Have the textured objects, or rather, the parts that are to fade into each other be partially transparent, then have them overlap and slant one down and slant the other up. slant them only slightly, so that the slope isn’t really noticeable. That way the textures will fade to a varying degree, and you can change it by changing the slopes.