Making a Traced Curve Have Faces?

I don’t know if I’m asking this right, and if I have to later I’ll add a screenshot if this doesn’t make sense. Let’s say I’m tracing a wine goblet and now I want to solidify it so I have an actual wine goblet and not just the outline of it. How do I go about doing this? Sorry for being so ignorant or if this topic has already been asked, I didn’t know how to search for this and I’m still semi-new to Blender. Thanks in advance!

Are you using a Bezier curve, or just a line of vertices? The spin tool (Shortcut S) will turn a line of vertices into a solid of revolution if you enter 360 degrees… If using a Bezier: Alt+C first to convert it to mesh, then spin.

Thanks! I’ll try that! :slight_smile: