Making a tube out of a wire

Hello! I’ve been trying to find a good way to create a tube out of drawing a single wire (using edges only)…
So far the one that seems to work for me is drawing the “path” of the tube by making a new empty mesh, editing and adding points with ctrl+Left click, extruding, resizing with alt+S, selecting the whole mesh, extruding and resizing again with alt+S. Sometimes you can’t get the turns and twists properly, so I’m looking for other ways too.
I was experimenting using paths and deformation to get this done, but I ruined it :stuck_out_tongue: Could someone point me to a relevant tutorial for tube-making or propose a technique of their own? Or even a python script? Thanks :slight_smile:

You could use curves for modelling and converting them into meshes afterwards.
The simple way is tweaking the curve, deactivating Front and Back and activating 3D in the Edit Buttons.
Then just giving a Bevel Depth and a Bevel Resolution will give a simple tube.

Using Taper Objects and Bevel Objects (Curves) gives more control.

Another idea is to use a curve modifier on a straight mesh tube.