making a type phase/field phenomena

Can anyone point me too a tut, or explain briefly how you would create a kind of field effect? Think force field, etc. as to the kind of effect I’m going for. Any comments or pointers are appreciated.

Hey there - just a thought - but you’ll have better luck if you post a picture or two that shows EXACTLY the kind of effect you’re after. There are so many ways to visually represent a force-field that it would help to know which kind.

Is it something like the ships’ shields in Star Trek - as in it reacts to something hitting it, is it a doorway forcefield, or is it supposed to look like something being emitted by an object - something like the halo around a streetlight at night?

That way - people could direct you better.

Here’s one tutorial I found with a Google search:


that’s really a great tut. very concise. good link.

You’re right, I will try to get a picture up here, but the type of field i’m talking about would be a door. One that is always visible, and when hit reacts by increasing in brightness.

The link I posted has a few techniques that still apply, in terms of making the field light up and stuff. It’s the same idea, except that you’ll be using a plane instead of a sphere.