making a very simple LAN game??? is it even possible?


i would like to know if making LAN game with blender is possible


have two people on two computers and can see each other walking around on a plane.

very simple i just want to know if it can be done.

yes it can be done, but not with the logic bricks that are inside blender right now. You have to make your own script to make it possible to send data over network, catch it with a server and send it to the clients. You can do did with Python scripting.

When you look on google for: ‘python network programming’ or ‘python socket’ you can find some simple examples how to run a own made server, establish a connection and have clients connected to your own make server script.

But, there are some problems when you start working on that. You’ll find out that there are 2 types of connections, TCP and UDP. For some reason TCP is the easiest type to handle data but gives you problem on how to make more clients connect to it, so you should use threading for that.
UDP can handle on default more then 1 client, but if you try to find out how to handle each client as an individual client, you’ll see that it’s a pain in the ass to get that working.

Anyways, it is possible but you have to use Python. You can start right now learning python in just a few hours using the famous: ‘Byte of Python’ book that’s free online. It’s the book that tells you all the basics and even some advanced things, and with each day 2 hours you can learn it in 1 week. That’s what I did and I find it the most usefull, best beginners python book I ever have readed. It can tell a complete dumbass how python works, it’s full of examples and explainations. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just google it :wink:

hmmm i tried this:

ran on two computesr.
one [s] and then another [c]

tried moving around with arrow keys. nothing moves.

You need to put the IP address into some variable…I can’t remember what it is I think it’s set to ‘localhost’ by default. Open up a Windows command prompt, type ipconfig and then find your IP address and put that in there on both computers. That should fix it, if you need more help just post, I’ll look at it tommorow.