Making a Void

I’m a newbie to Blender and I was wondering how you would go about making a void (or hole) in an object? Is it a matter of selecting and deleting vertices? And if so, any tips on getting this to come out smoothly? (As in, a circle without jagged edges?)

Thank you!


Check on the WikiBook for Booleean operators

You could try the boolean tools
Select two object and then W-Key


Booleans in Blender aren’t very pretty. I haven’t found the tutorial I’d give to you because the search function of these forums doesn’t allow searching for an exact phrase (I have the tut on my HD), alternatively this one.

Thanks so much! I will try that video tutorial and let you know!

Another question, if you don’t mind…is there a way to cut a shape in half? Like if I only wanted half of a sphere? I’ve tried spinning, but perhaps I am not using it correctly… I am still trying to figure out how the degree of the viewport affects such processes. :wink:


Cutting in half… you want a hemisphere? Just go into edit mode and delete half of all vertices. Like in the attachment.