Making a weird UV Map

I’m pretty new to 3D art and UV mapping things is still difficult for me, and now I’m attempting something that I don’t even really know where to begin with. I need a model of a 9 sided shape (octagon plus one) to act as a sort of progress wheel in a game. Using a square texture like this

I need the 3D model to fill up like this.
The problem is that in Unreal engine I can do this sort of radial fill, but it assumes the UV coordinates are that of a plane. This 9 sided shape has UVs that are completely different. Is there some way I can set up the UVs so that they are the same as a plane, or so that the texture like the red and black one above will map out like my blue and orange drawing does on top of the model? I know this is weird, but I’d really like this to work. Ask me for clarification if you don’t understand, please don’t ignore the post. Thanks in advance!


How about a straight planar projection? Where you set your viewport looking directly down, and set to orthographic.

Then in edit mode, select all faces, Hit U, choose Project from view(bounds). That’s the simplest type of unwrap. If I’m understanding you correctly that should work.

Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed. I just had no idea this feature existed lol but now I do, thank you!