Making a wii game with blender ?

Is it posible to do a game to be played in the wii ? or playstation or xbox ?

Or the blender games are just computer games ?:eek:

i have heard that BGE can run on playstation 3, but i dont know if it can in xbox, i’m sure that it will not run in a wii, unless you pay nintendo big $$$

hey it could, there are “wii compatible games” online. Just remember, you can only use the cursor. Im not sure about making it with the nunchuk but if you find a way I will be happy to test it out!

well unless i am mistaken, PS3 runs linux…sooo you do the math

You will need to buy an SDK kit to develop for Wii. There are some homebrew hackers around that have made it so people can make homebrew games. I am not sure if anyone has done Wii yet. Wii uses OpenGL so I am pretty sure some talented person could get it working.

Aight ! ;););):wink:

It is possible to get your BGE games to use the wii-remote for the player’s input. All you need to do is use GlovePIE to create a script that translates the wii-remote data into keyboard input. You can also use the pre-made scripts that come with it There’s even one for common FPS controls!

You can get it here:

There’s a lot more premade scripts available here:

Note: Your computer must have a bluetooth communication device. If you dont have an internal one you can get one from Circut City or Best Buy for about $40.

The scripting language is really easy to learn, here’s a tutorial and a link to the documentation:

It also has a GUI if you don’t want to dive into the scripting language right away.

Here’s a screen:

Once your script is ready, just run it in GlovePIE and run your BGE game at the same time and it will work.

sexy ! like the people doing visuals using the wii or controling midi with ableton live , i havent tried it yet but it must be cool to use it like that. :ba::cool::RocknRoll:

hmm… is there anyway you can put your blender game (with the wii controls using venom’s suggestion) on a disk and run it in the wii system?

There is no way to do that right now without an official (legit) SDK. I think GlovePIE is the closest you’re going to get. Luckily for us, GlovePIE supports the nunchuck and sensor bar, so you can get the full experience, just as if you were playing with the Wii.

You can use the TV output on your video card to hook up your PC to the TV to make it feel even more like a console game if you want to.

Great thread! I’ve been working on doing this very thing for the past couple weeks!

My idea was a reusable class that could accept accelerometer data from either the IBM Thinkpad or Wii remote. (Or Macbook pro, if somebody else wants to write it.)

My personal goal was to log loc+rot data for video. (Picture videoing yourself swinging a wiimote around, then replacing it with a 3d sword afterwards!) But I AM using the game engine here, so if somebody wants to write a game, me my guest!

I’d estimate the coding is about 75-80% done. Currently, you can access rotational data from both devices, and button press info from the wiimote can control logic bricks. Location data (aka, the easy part) still needs to be done, and also a calibration mode is still to be figured out.

If anybody wants the script/blend in its present state, just let me know, here. You can probably do a fun little game even as it stands! (Or – dare I suggest it – help out! :slight_smile: )