Making an animated series


(phsycotater360) #1

Hey All I have been working on an animated series for nearly a year now and I have 4 models rigged and ready for animation. I have a storyboard for the first episode. As well as a script made. I used World Of Warcraft models and rigged them using riggify and some personal tweaks. I have never done the animation part of using blender so I need practice. So for the time being I was hoping to find volunteers to help animate my scenes as well as build backdrops or backgrounds. So anyone willing to help me out here. i would gladly put your name in the credits as well as allow you to use it in your own portfolio. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help. My email is [email protected]

Now the storyboard us very baseline but its to give an idea of the scenes themselves. I also as I’ve said have a script and character models. The script I’ll send in an email but here are screenshots of the models

Again thank you to anyone who offers help. I hope to hear from you soon


(Jerzy Górski) #2

you do realise you need copyrights for those caracters from blizzard to public your animation?