Making an animation with physics?? help please

1# I want to do an animation but the problem is that i see many of them with great look and very good logic and then i think… wow? isn’t that game engine? And there goes my question: how can i make an animation with phisics such as a ball rolling or a domino. i am really a noob… just wondering?? can you help?

2# “I’m very much looking for examples of AI generated by Python in blender.”
What is Al?

Thanks for all your carefull atention

all you need to do is go into the user preferences at the top and hit the button that says game then select the button that says record game physics to ipo. then hit ‘p’. look at your keyframes and it should have been recorded into them. you then can render the animation and it will render what happened in the game engine.

Hpoe this helped. :slight_smile: