Making an arch shape

i will like to know how can i model an arch in blender, or what tool should i use. this is an example but i will like to fill the front part no the side, what is the best way.:confused:


First of all reference is the key, try finding a nice image of an arch and put it as the background image and then remodel it. To fill the holes Select 4 vertices and press F this should make a face out of the 4 selected vertices.

  • Matt

This thread might help :wink:

Hey Maaatt and Talking_Toaster thanks a lot for your tips very helpful,
specialy for that small tut Talking_Toaster :cool: cause the way it shows to
create the arch its more flexible to manipulate the verts the way you want it,
the only thing was the way you :(Scale (S) ā€”> ā€œzā€ ā€”> 0 (Zero).
for some rison didnt work for me so i did it manualy - but perfect the way i was looking for thanks a lot muchachos.
here is my render test - tell me what you think! :cool: