making an arm

im making a character at the moment, and the way ive made the body has made it near impossible to extrude from the body and make an arm that way, its a robot type character quite dark looking, i was wonderin wether anyone had any sugestions as to the best way to make an arm for him that i could then just join up to the body. any help would be much appriciated.

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As long as your Armature is still in Edit Mode you can use Spacebar to add bones at the position of the 3D cursor. They don’t have to be extruded from another bone.


i tihnk u gt the wrong idea mate (but thatnks for that anyway, i didnt know that :smiley: ) what i mean is, what would be the best type of object to create an arm from, ive been trying with meta objects, nerbs ect, but none of them really seem to do the job. maybe im sorta grabbing at air, im nt sure.

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We might need to see your mesh in order to suggest how to proceed.

i normally stick to simple grids - easiest to minpulat, but depending on how you made the body it can change what you will want to use or convert you body to a grid (object mode: alt c) subdived (if you need more points) and then try extruding - good luck though

what sort of veiw dou want? like wire in edit mide, rendered ect