Making an axe?

I’ve made a few other medieval weapons (like swords and war hammers) but whenever I open blender to put together a battle axe, I just can’t figure it out.

I’d use a reference image and use a cylinder as the basis and start from something like 2 verts for the head and trace around the head in the reference.

how about some screenshots of where you’re having problems with?

you mean something like this?

Yes. I know what the model would roughly be structured like, but I don’t know how to go about it.

I started with a mesh - circle (32 verts)
deleted all but an arc on the left.
extruded that to the right
put a loop cut just in from the edge
selected the right hand edge (concave edge and scale - x - 0)
I scaled this down to the size I wanted to go into the central hub
put some more loop cuts (vertical) and scale z to shape the curves top and bottom
I then extruded a thickness
I then selected the blade edge and in top view scale z - 0 and removed doubles - this made the blade sharp

I added a subsurf modifer but creased the outside edges and the blade edge verticals

I hope this gives a bit of a start.


That makes a great double bladed axe, but my real problem is a bearded axe like this:

I hope I’m not sounding whiny.

create cylinder
ctrl-r to make 2 cuts where the blade is attached
extrude(region) this area
then select the polygons where the blade should be and extrude them a few times, then places the verts in the shape of the blade.

hmm I don’t know if this was clear enough…

is this for detail or for the game engine?

same kind of method except just one side…?

I’m sorry, I can’t figure this out for the life of me.


I made this roughly from what GreasyMnky suggested.

It’s veeeery basic but you can see the big picture.

After step 5, you just tweak it by moving vertices and edges.

I hope it helps.



What happened to my attachments? They were there for an hour or so, then disappeared.

How did you smooth that inside edge? I’m going for low poly here, and the method you showed me isen’t working for the lower curve.

ctrl-r once or twice to get enough geometry to make the curve.
place the loops where you want the deformations and rotate the loops to keep the shape :wink: