Making an edge loop a consistent thickness

Is there a quick way to give the highlighted edge loop an even thickness around the rim?

I appreciate I would need supporting topology, but is there anything once that is sorted like in the loop tools that will give this an even thickness?

You can make it the same thickness all along but it needs some tricks like make the inner edge glide until it sticks to the outer edge, but to do so you probably need more geometry, maybe share your file

Sure thank you, it’s not actually my file and the topology isn’t great, I am just trying to modify it.

Badge.blend (910.3 KB)

the topology is rather messy, I don’t see any easy way to fix it, you will probably need to do it manually by moving the edges here and there, but maybe someone will have a better idea? It will not take long to correct though

Okay thanks

I use combination of merge verts, limited dissolve edges to reduce vert counts.
inset face and delete edge to make that rounded edge effect.
here is what I did in a few min:

  1. use box to Boolean badge to flatten out desired area.
  2. inset face to get even strip around the edge.
  3. extrude them and manually merge some verts.
  4. select edge ring and delete to form that beveled edge effect.
  5. finally some manual edge clean up

here is the blend file Badge_wip.blend (1.9 MB)

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oh yes you’re right, deleting the top face, bridge edge loops, then inset, is the way to go

Awesome, thanks very much to both of you!