Making an emissive material in cycles NOT block other light sources

So I’ve got a scene in which some lights sort of “turn on”, that is, their “emission” value is animated to go up over time. They’re massive textures that completely encircle an object. Anyways, there’s also some highlighting objects, spheres with a high emissive value. These begin already on, and are simply moving around.

The problem I’m having is the big emissive surfaces that are “turning on” are blocking the light from the white spheres if the spheres get too far away and pass through them.

TLDR: I need a cycles emissive material to behave in such a way that they only add light into the scene, ie no blocking other light sources.

Ah oops. Seems I’m drastically over-thinking the problem here. Disabling “Shadow” rays does the trick! :smiley: