Making an icosphere with a specific number of faces

Hey is it possible to make icospheres with a specific number of faces?

You can set a level of subdivision in the options, but you can’t really set it to a specific number of faces, simply because that’s not how icospheres work, aka Geodesic Polyhedra.

To see why, consider how one of these is constructed (scroll down a bit in the wikipedia page linked above to examples, and take a look at the row for Class I icosahedrals): you take an icosahedron, subdivide it, and then “warp” it to make it look more sphere-like, so you can only get numbers of faces which you can also get by subdividing icosahedra (an icosahedron has 20 faces, so that means you can only have 20 × 4^n faces for some arbitrary n).

So the only way to get an “icosphere” with a number of faces which doesn’t match that would be to build a triangle mesh yourself with the number you want, and then try to make it sphere-like (i seem to remember there was an addon for making things spherical once, but i can’t seem to find it any more …). Or if your number happens to match that of some other geodesic polyhedron, you can attempt to build that one (often you can find lists of vertex positions for these if you search for them, or even files for download).

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Thanks a lot, I’ll do that. I’m actually very very grateful for your response

there is a ‘spherify’ option as part of the mesh edit tools. Select the vertices in edit mode and it shows up, the mouse movement ( left/right) controls the amount :

It does not however do any sort of ‘intelligent’ spacing for the vertices to distribute them uniformly in a spherical manner.


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Ah thanks — no wonder I can’t find the addon anymore if it’s been integrated into blender itself :see_no_evil: