Making an Interactive Educational Model?

How to make an interactive educational model from a .blend file?

On the simplest level, just a type of ‘virtual tour’ where the user can go around and look at a 3d model from all sides. A step further, where they can click on various parts of the model and open up additional 3d spaces.

No animation, just passive looking around.

Do we have to use the Game Engine for that or something else?

Any tips or links to tutorials etc are much appreciated.

Does the camera translate, or does the camera pivot like a 360 degree video, or does the model pivot like a Sketchfab et al preview?

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For what I currently have in mind the camera would need to move around the model and also zoom in/out.
Not necessarily rotate the model itself like on Sketchfab. But for future projects that would be interesting to learn too!